Our Values

We believe good employers should always be able to find good people.

We’re just a bunch of nerds and geeks here, really. We all come from different backgrounds and we’re all passionate about embracing new technologies and practises, and most of all, inspiring change in the way people recruit.

Our Values
  • Radiate

    You can choose to be a radiator or a drain. We choose to radiate enthusiasm and positivity.

  • Honest

    We operate a no blame culture. Some of our biggest mistakes have led to our biggest breakthroughs. This creates an environment where we can always be honest with our colleagues, candidates and clients.

  • Grow

    We strive for continuous growth and will always work on becoming better versions of ourselves every week.

  • Impact

    We strive to make a difference every single day. Just accepting something because that’s the way it’s always been done just isn’t us.

  • Simple

    We make it as easy as possible for everybody. We speak in plain English and develop simple systems, complication is the enemy.

  • Enjoy

    Life is precious, make the time to have fun and savour it.

  • Independent

    We accept people are different and allow others the freedom to express themselves in the way they want to.

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20-22 Wenlock Road
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