Simple Fair Pricing For A Tailored Unique Solution

What You Get When You Partner With Us

Identify exactly who you need on your team
Advice on the most successful recruitment process for your needs
Clear criteria agreed that candidates must meet to progress to the interview stage, before we start
A bespoke advertising campaign and application page for your business designed to find the best possible people, across the best advertising channels for your specific role
Access to the system with real time notifications of applications 24/7 so you can review candidates quickly and easily
All candidates answer your specific questions to apply for your job. There is no need to read 100s of CVs!
Jobs are advertised as you and candidates can’t register with Box of Jobs. They only apply to work for you specifically.
We book the interviews, contact candidates, request CV's if required, collate feedback, and deal with all communication for you.
Our team helps you manage the process all the way from application to job offer – saving you time, effort and giving you the best chance to get it right
Initial Amount £500
Balance On Successful Placement £995
Total £1,495

Challenging Convention

We are employers not recruiters, we have been in your position and understand the frustrations of recruiting the right people.

We created Box of Jobs to empower employers regardless of their recruitment experience, to find people who hit the ground running, fit the culture and stay for a long time.

Charging an arbitrary percentage of a salary is outdated, expensive and penalises you for offering a more attractive salary than your competitors.


The Right Cultural Fit

We only work with and advertise as you; our partners see us as an extension of their business. Candidates cannot register with Box of Jobs or search our other jobs on our website, so we aren’t conflicted by trying to fit the wrong candidates into the wrong roles.

When someone has applied for one of your jobs you know they are motivated to work for you and your team specifically.
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